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Need a coffee? How about a co-pilot? Maybe a new apartment,

a wardrobe overhaul, or new toys for your kids? Today fortune favors you, as you smash new records... or finally take that vacation you deserve.


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Looking for a mystifying sorceress or a snarky younger brother? How about the life of the party or a bewitching femme fatale? From quirky announcers to the annoying teenage girl next door, I have you covered.

About My

Broadcast Quality Studio

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  • Sound Treated Home Studio

  • Microphone: Techzone Stellar X2 Condenser with Pop Filter

  • Interface: Audient ID4

  • Recording: REAPER, Audacity

  • Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT770

  • FiOS Internet - Ethernet Connection

  • Skype, Zoom, Discord

  • Source Connect Standard

Freelance Rep: Lau Lapides Company | MCVO​

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About Me

Megan R. Youmans

Merry meet! I'm Megan Youmans, a Korean American LGBTQIA+ voice actor, business owner, writer, artist, coffee addict, and sorceress. I'm a driven and magical worker that has been involved in the creative scene for over a decade.

I grew up watching 7am Saturday morning cartoons, amazing internet animations on AOL dialup, painting with my Grandparents, and flying alongside anything in the artistic realm. I went from doodling on any surface and running my High School Art Club & Competition Team to taking on 6 years of various enchanting creature personas for the Theater Club. Did someone say artistic museum display that showcases arts & creativity from various fandoms designed by hundreds of artists around the globe? Poof, done! 

Voice acting has compelled me from a young age and has run parallel to my artistic bound life for many years. From replicating Dinosaur noises from Jurassic Park on the playground and reciting my favorite character monologues, to becoming the known voice for original characters, voiceacting has been an amazing journey so far. Taking big leaps has always been my way of life and I'm looking forward to what the future will bring. 

When I'm not spreading enchantments behind the mic, I enjoy traveling for conventions, reading fantasy books, indulging in podcasts, and watching far too much anime.  

Come with me on a spiritual adventure towards bringing projects and characters to life with magically enchanting voices, or perhaps a wild and crazy one. 

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Elley Ray Hennessy


"Have you ever sat breathless, as a fiery star screams across a midnight sky. Wide-eyed you let out a wee pitched cry, uttering “Make a Wish”! Moments of utter delight… this is the stuff Megan Youmans is made of! Witness her MAGIC!" 

TwitterheaderVoiceActing-2021 WEBSITE RANDOMIZED UPDATE.png
TwitterheaderVoiceActing-2021 WEBSITE RANDOMIZED UPDATE.png

"Great with direction, spectacular revisions. Awesome work! Incredibly talented, well-delivered and with a lightning fast turnaround time. Highly recommended."  

                                    RUMR Design LLC - Project Studio

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