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Commercial & More

Voice Mail | Shaded City Coffee Roasters LLC | Holiday Greeting Voice Mail

Voice Mail | Turnmire & Agency LLC | Automated Greeting System 

Commercial | Two Kids with a Camera LLC | Financial Commercial

Promo | The Barn at Stratford Event Reception | Promotional Explainer Video of Premises and Services

Promo | BinoxMSP | Company Taglines


Web Series - Animations, Visual Novels, Misc.

Valiant Entertainment Comics | Faith Motion Comic | Talent Agent

StarForceMedia / Mythwork Studio | Slightly Damned | Sakido, Kieri Suizhan 

ShotgunAngelProductions | FOE: Dead Tree Audiodrama | Wandering Sunrise, Singing Voice: Wandering Sunrise

Devil's Door VN Game | Ash

The Faylor Region Podcast | Co-Scriptwriter & Editor | Cree , The Patron

Mango's Group Therapy VN Game | Nessa

The 1000 Deaths of Number 13 Motion Comic | Number 7

Voice Actor Academy | Kanon, Additional Voices

Convention Mascot | Ponies Online Convention Advertisement | Pixel

The Scrapers Podcast | Soldiers / Foley Team

ShotgunAngelProductions | News From The Bunker Podcast | Female Anchor

Original Animated TV Show | Project Susan and the Not So Super Friends | Susan 

Alien Improv Podcast | Episode 9 YMCA East Coast Division Commander

Under the Electric Stars: Interstitial Su-Jin | Min-Seo

Space Voyagers Audiodrama Teaser Trailer | Elena

DungeonsMayCry | Curse of Strahd Audio Drama Short | Ireena/Callianna

Forteller Games & Red Raven Games | Above and Below Immersive Narration | Female Orchid, Sculptor

Cryptid Crew VN Dating Sim Game | Cactus Cat, Thea

Cold Open Stories | On The Hunter’s Watch | Shas’vre’tash’var’m'cova (Eervee)

The Land Whale Murders Audiodrama | Astronomer 1, Yarty the Border

Clutch! A Kobold Story Trailer | Walla - Background Kobolds and Reax

Crocaboo Series | Zigzag

Boston Harbor Horror | BMCS Dallas Sheridan

Forteller Games & Red Raven Games | Near and Far Immersive Narration | Riza, Strange Woman, Belle, Dr. Saminda

Video Game | TBA

Audiobook Animation | TBA

Sol Diver Game| Seraphina

Kingsblood Game | Curia

The Totally Normal Diner | Recurring Customer Voices

Alice VN Game Jam | Alice’s Sister

And So I Fall | Xinyi
Whitethorn Games - Whalefall | General Leonne Travers

Forteller Games | Coming soon

Familiar Feelings Webtoon Official Dub | Briar

Forteller Games | Coming soon


2019-Ongoing - Voice Acting Coaching - Animation & Commercial | Elley-Ray Hennessy

Extraterrible Studio ADR Workshop Training - Beginner | Jason Lord & Jacob Browning

Extraterrible Studio ADR Workshop Training - Intermediate | Jason Lord

Improv Workshop | June Yoon 

On The Mic Training | Animation with Ingrid Nilson

On The Mic Training | Commercial with Giles Panton

Commercial Coaching | August Sargenti

VO Coaching | Tim Friedlander

Commercial Coaching | J Michael Collins

SFX & Reax Workshop | Elley-Ray Hennessy & Deb Munro

MOCAP U Workshop | Ivan Sherry

Commercial Open Mic | Zach Anderson

Creatures Workshop | Elley-Ray Hennessy & Deb Munro
Audiobook Workshop | Peter Berkrot

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